Project activities

Project activities


Activity 0 - Project management

Both partners will provide:

  • monitoring and coordination of activities proposed;
  • drafting regular reports on the progress of the project;
  • elaboraing the files of the application for reimbursement;
  • carrying out procurement procedures set out in the project;
  • planning activities, monitoring, risk management and change, reporting, quality assurance, monitoring costs and keeping to the budget, evaluation and completion.

Activity 1 - Development of curriculum, teaching materials and tools

  • Improving the existing curriculum in the institution of the Beneficiary for Cycle I undergraduate studies, in point of its correlation with the labor market requirements. Based on the improved curriculum the educational resources ackage will be developed, in traditional and digital format, i.e. 7 course aids in classic format will be reviewed and/or elaborated for the undergraduate studies in the fields of: economics, social sciences, arts and architecture, and the content will be developed in digital format based on the scientific content reviewed;
  • Developing the training  methodology  course aid - online trainer - and conduct training session of the target group consisting of 20 teachers;
  • Implementing within the educational package traditional and digital the student's suggestions, after analyzing and evaluating them in the course of implementation of the curriculum using the tools provided by the educational package.

Activity 2 - Implementation of the curriculum using the support tools provided by the educational package

  • Piloting the improved curriculum together with the educational resources package in undergraduate programs in the Beneficiary's institution;
  • Providing both the scientific and the technical support . Every student will develop a proposal to improve the teaching materials; the proposals of 210 students will be transmitted through the portal P1 conducted, analyzed and evaluated by both partners in order to put them to good use and adaptation of educational package in traditional and digital formt.

Activity 3 - Making evaluative research on curriculum implementation and use of  the developed educational package 

  • Defining the procedural framework for the conduct of research and research tools will be developed by both partners;
  • Making evaluative research on curriculum implementation and use of the developed educational package in undergraduate programs based on procedural framework and tools so developed. Evaluation research will cover both course aids in classic format and content developed. The report resulted from the performance of the evaluative research will be posted on the project portal.

Activity 4 - Information, dissemination and promotion

  • Developing a project portal for information and dissemination of project results, which will be administered, updated and maintained throughout the project implementation.
  • Organising 2 project conferences as follows: 1 launch conference to announce the official opening of the project and the project objectives and one of the project closing conference to announce the official closure of the project and the project scoring results.
  • Elaborating scientific articles published in the written press or in scientific journals.


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