Overall objectives

What is our proposal?

  • approach multi-, inter- and trans - disciplinary even university education and research
  • an innovative educational package and able to provide skills and competitiveness on the labor market

Our goal is

  • increasing the quality of the educational offer in higher education and its correlation with changing requirements of the labor market by adapting and improving undergraduate study programs, and expanding learning opportunities addressed to students with a specially designed educational software , of " Digital Manual " type  implemented in teaching and learning.

The proposed project fosters the accumulation of skills by improving and adapting the educational offer ofthe undergraduate degree programs to the labor market, the use of interactive teaching methods and student-centered modern learning  ICT tools .


Specific objectives

  • optimizing undergraduate programs by developing an innovative educational package of 7 courses in digital format for the following fields: economics , social sciences, art and architecture .
        • The digitization of the 7 classic format lectures in the form of digital textbooks will be developed to support the educational processe in the classroom. The developed digital textbooks are composed of virtual manual pages that can be viewed on multiple devices : tablet, phone, PC . The virtual pages contain multimedia digital textbooks for learning training. The processes suggested by multimedia lessons for two disciplines is a way of learning that involves understanding and explaining the content, especially a mechanism of building critical thinking .
  • flexible learning opportunities through pilot programs in the adapted undergraduate curriculum and use of the educational package developed in order to promote innovation in the educational process and facilitate access to online resources.
  • informing the public and promoting the project through specific ways and means: conference articles / news in written press or online to disseminate information on the project and its results.


What  educational package do we have in mind?

7 new courses :

  1. Communication strategies for personal development (taught in English)
  2. Studying the market environment
  3. International finance
  4. Budget and treasury
  5. Contemporary architecture technologies
  6. Entrepreneurship and visual communication in architecture
  7. Cultural projects management


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